SSH Explorer

SSH Explorer 1.8

A user friendly SSH client for server managment

SSH Explorer is a new generation SSH Client and Terminal Emulator that makes remote server management look like much more fun than it actually is Combined security and ease of use make it suitable for newbies and experts alike.

File View

The File View panel relieves you from the pain of working only with the command line. It displays the current directory structure and has a fully customizable context menu. You can use it for navigation and file manipulation.

Snippets toolbar

The snippets toolbar is preloaded with some of the most often used Linux commands to give you a quick headstart no matter whether you're a newbie or a seasoned Linux server administrator.

Customizable snippets

SSH Explorer comes with a built-in mini language (containing only 2 tags!) Create your own snippets so you don't have to type again that funny-looking-and-impossible-to-remember command.

QuickType bar

Usually anything you type into the terminal window is transferred to the server character by character and this slows down your typing, especially if the internet connection is not very good. With the Quick Type bar you can type everything at once and send it to the server after you're finished.

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SSH Explorer


SSH Explorer 1.8

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